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green oil healing

It is therefore not recommended for children and minors under 18 years old. However, you could treat a child with this product by taking the trouble to consult a doctor’s advice.

Many demonstrate the effects of CBD on the body:

It is mainly used to treat breast cancer by attacking estrogen-positive cells. has a little tumorigenic effect, but is also effective in the treatment of tumors. As amazing as it sounds, it relieves nausea.

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Many users attest to the effectiveness of the product on their health.

You can very well use it as a dietary supplement or as a preventive treatment for stress and neurological disorders. To get as much information as possible about the product, you can write to [email protected]

It helps relieve chronic pain thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. Indeed, it treats pain caused by arthritis, lesions as well as muscle pain.

Made primarily from natural products, associated with a reasonable percentage of CBD, Healing Green CBD Oil has no adverse effects on your state of health.

Hints for qualifying for free shipping if your home address is outside of these areas:

Fresh Earth Food Store offers free delivery to major centers in most parts of the country on orders of R475 or more.

This oil contains only CBD without THC.


Certain postal codes are however classified as “outside major centers” so they do not qualify for free shipping.

It is important to note that no two bodies are connected in the same manner. There is no silver bullet to all ailments that absolutely will provide relief, however studies have shown improvement in certain cases and one can only learn through trial and error.

The CDB day drops are made from multiple strains of cannabis grown organically from all over SA. Multi strain cannabis has the benefit of having multiple properties e.g. Anti-inflammatory, Anti-bacterial, anti-psychotic, neuroprotective etc. These drops are anti-psychoactive and suitable for the day time and helps prevent and treat multiple ailments but particularly effective for day time mood disorders such as anxiety, panic attacks, ADD/ADHD etc.

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