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heady harvest cbd oil review

So, why does Heady Harvest rank so low? Let’s go through each badge quickly to see where they fall short.

Heady Harvest is based in Australia and offers nine CBD products. According to the information we’ve been given, it looks like they are proponents of full spectrum CBD oil (they reference it as ‘pure spectrum’), citing that while many vendors remove ‘synergistic terpenoids,’ they recognize their beneficial effects and accordingly, leave them in the mix. However, with the exception of their CBD coconut lotion and their CBD coconut tincture, we can’t be sure that full spectrum cannabidiol is used.

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Finally, with no charitable endeavors and no innovative processes or products, Heady Harvest unfortunately received a 0/5 from us at this time.

Testing for potency and contaminants is not even mentioned, so the Safety Badge is a solid no along with the Mission Badge, as there is nothing close to a basic Mission Statement provided by Heady Harvest.

The Heady Harvest brand doesn’t feel like, well, a brand. This Australian CBD vendor provides shockingly little information about the processes behind their products, they lack a cohesive look/message/feel, and we’re skeptical about their claims of vapor extraction, a process currently being utilized by very few. We found some high-quality products, like their organic CBD lollipops and all-natural coconut CBD lotion, but according to our methodology, Heady Harvest will need more than that.

The CBD in this tincture is vapor extracted from single farm hemp plants. No extracted “off farm” terpenes or cannabinoids added. Naturally occurring and organic terpenes and cannabinoids ONLY. used under the tongue.

Heady Harvest CBD Coconut Tincture is an organic coconut oil based tincture with no alcohol and it has a wide variety of uses. 1 to 2 drops a day is all that’s needed to get all the great benefits of full spectrum CBD!

About Heady Harvest Coconut CBD Tincture.

Ingredients: Organic Coconut Oil, Pure Spectrum CBD.

Order includes 1 bottle of Organic Tincture 1000mg strength or get our 3 PACK or 6 PACK FOR EVEN MORE SAVINGS! Always Free Standard Shipping.

Heady Harvest high-concentrate pure spectrum CBD oil is the fullest nutrient and terpene-rich CBD experience on the market today. Many CBD products exclude the synergistic terpenoids that naturally occur in hemp plants, causing them to add terpene extracts later.

Heady Harvest offers this great combination of CBD and Coconut Oil, with just two amazing ingredients: CBD, Coconut Oil.

What is Heady Harvest CBD Oil?

We understand cannabidiol-terpenoid interactions amplify the beneficial effects and that’s why we leave in the mono, dite, & sesqui-terpines that make for a pure spectrum CDB experience.