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Governments worldwide are slowly realising the unpopularity of busting sick people and so are trying to write legislation to accommodate this. Corporations and drug companies are also poised in the wings counting their prospective profits.

The medicinal uses and healing properties of the cannabis plant are many. In the last few decades, this has finally been remembered by mainstream science AND mainstream society. Medical Marijuana has become a popular way for “normal” people to deal with a range of health problems.

How to Access Legal Medical Cannabis in Australia

The Hemp Embassy has been operational for almost 30 years, and we educate on how cannabis may assist various medical conditions, but we are not medical professionals. Cannabis is a safe herbal product which is often used alongside other therapies. However, we recommend that you consult your doctor in regard to using cannabis. It is […]

Given the traditional close relationship between corporations & government, the Nimbin HEMP Embassy believes that whatever legal framework is arrived at for medical cannabis should include the right to grow your own!

As the struggle over medical cannabis intensifies and patients find themselves increasingly on the periphery of a debate in which their role should be central, we reproduce – with thanks – a selection of anonymous testimonials from individuals using cannabis medicines throughout Australia between late 2015 and 2021. The collection continues to grow . . […]

It is a cross between indoor and greenhouse cultivation.

All our CBD inflorescences are marketed with laboratory analysis certification, in accordance with European legislation.

As for the production of CBD cannabis flowers, these are seedless cannabis genetics, which have a high level of CBD: cannabidiol, and a very low level of THC: tetrahydrocannabinol.

CBD Moisturizing Face Cream – Shir Beauty

Speaking of CBD cannabis inflorescences we are referring to the flower, or bud, produced by the female hemp plant.

Remember: in the CBD market, the seedless flower is the best option. However, not all buds contain the same CBD levels.

The manufacturers of our light hemp inflorescences often use the GlassHouse method and do it in a really careful way thanks to the strong experience gained in the field. The result is a large production of excellent buds, rich in cannabidiol and free of harmful substances such as heavy metals, pesticides and other chemicals that would compromise their quality.

Indoor cultivation uses lamps to provide lighting to the plant and can be carried out in various substrates: that is, both earth in pots, and through inert substrates such as coconut fiber or roots soaked in a solution of water and nutrients, or hydroponic cultivation.