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Perfect Paws CBD Oil for Cats provides your feline friends with the benefits of CBD in a tasty way.

CBD, or Cannabidiol, delivers a range of benefits to your four-legged friends. This compound has the potential to reduce stress, promote calmness and more. Perfect Paws Hemp created a diverse product line available in a range of potencies and delicious flavors to help pets of all breeds and sizes.


Perfect Paws Hemp products are made from premium CBD and do not contain any harsh chemicals or unnecessary additives. Our CBD also contains less than 0.3% THC, so our products are federally legal and your animal companion will not feel “high.” We want you to know that you are giving your fur companion a potent, high-quality CBD product when you choose Perfect Paws Hemp.

Perfect Paws CBD Shampoo and Conditioner gently cleanses and soothes your pet’s skin, leaving them with a luxurious, shiny coat.

Perfect Paws CBD Dog Chews provide your furry friends of all sizes with a tasty treat chock full of helpful benefits.

If you are not satisfied with your order, you have 30 calendar days to return it from the date of purchase.

On the Hemp 4 Paws website, you will find a dosage guide that will help you determine how much your dog requires. You can also contact Hemp 4 Paws directly if you’re unsure of how to dose your pet or have a unique circumstance that you need guidance for.

On their website, they state that they are not responsible for broken or lost items, which I agree with. Any lost or damaged items will need to be reported to the courier. However, I have ordered online numerous times and have never had an issue.


You are also responsible for the shipping costs of the return.

For dogs, each formula is developed by weight class:

All Domestic orders are processed within 2-3 business days.

CBD healing has been proven useful for humans and is currently being heavily studied for pets. Of course, like any study, before a veterinarian can legally recommend CBD oil as a form of treatment, a certain amount of testing needs to be done, which could take years. So while CBD hasn’t yet been board approved, and my veterinarian isn’t able to recommend it for treatment, he can’t deny that he’s seen success with it in many other cases.

CO₂ extracted hemp terpenes and organic cold-pressed hemp seed oil.


Anxiety, cancer, seizure, epilepsy, pain, chronic inflammation, bowel disease, nervous system, appetite, nausea, cardiovascular health, and arthritis.

This product contains 150mg of hemp terpenes and is recommended for small pets (less than 25lbs).


1ml to 2ml per day*.