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h&h cbd oil

H&H labs specializes in custom product formulation and has full manufacturing capabilities for the products listed here.

Our three stage distillation process separates consumable phytocannabinoids from the remaining undesired plant materials. H&H can winterize and distill any crude oil into a high quality full spectrum distillate oil.

CBD Products

Want to start your own CBD retail brand? H&H provides white label services on a variety of CBD products.

We believe in manufacturing clean, conscious, quality hemp derived CBD by driving technological innovation, investing in sustainability, and cultivating inclusivity in the hemp community.

Isolate a single cannabinoid (CBD or CBG) for a 99% pure crystalline powder.

H&H – From Health Comes Harmony – Was founded by JM Roets who was diagnosed with Maligne Mesothelioma in May 2017. He refused chemotherapy and decided on treatment with medical cannabis, namely CBD.

After using his own CBD oil for almost a year he received the news on 30 August 2018 from his doctor that they found a “disease improvement” and the “previously noted loculated effusion in the left upper lobe region no longer demonstrated”. Furthermore “the pleural effusion in the left lung base almost completely resolved”.

The result was overwhelming and he decided to share his CBD oil with fellow South Africans and founded H&H – From Health Comes Harmony.

Our CBD oil is lab tested for consistency and verified as being safe for human consumption and free of mould bacteria, pesticides and solvent residues. The certificate of analysis and a safety data sheet from the University of North-West is available on request.

Because of the very high price of the imported CBD oils he decided to embark on a journey of learning, and started making his own CBD extract in pure virgin olive oil.

We ensure the highest quality CBD oil. Our product is proudly manufactured in South Africa.