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how to use cbd oil for acne

Who Should Use It: It is recommended for those looking to treat mild to moderate inflammatory acne lesions at home. It’s also great for sensitive or those allergic to typical anti-acne ingredients, such as benzoyl peroxide or retinol.

Though rare, the known side effects of using CBD oil for acne include dry mouth, diarrhea, reduced appetite, drowsiness, and fatigue. CBD oil is also known to interact with certain medications such as blood thinners. While there are no known interactions with other topical products, you should start with a patch test if you’re concerned about a reaction. If you experience irritation, it’s a pretty safe bet that you’re sensitive to CBD oil, and you should stop using it.

Main Benefits: Reduces inflammation, healing and calming, regulates oil production, neutralizes free radicals.

Other Skin Benefits

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Although there’s still a great deal of required research ahead to determine how best to use CBD to treat acne, we talked to a panel of experts, including cosmetic chemist Ron Robinson of BeautyStat, Michele Green, board-certified dermatologist, Kenneth Howe of Wexler Dermatology, and Rachel Nazarian of the Schweiger Dermatology Group to get the facts as well as the potential of using CBD oil for acne.

One thing worth pointing out about incorporating CBD oil into your skincare routine is how kind it is to skin. “It’s gentle, and that’s what makes it stand out from other options,” said Nazarian. “Additionally, there are many skin types that are either too sensitive to use ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide or retinol on, or they have allergies to these ingredients. Having an additional tool in the ‘acne toolkit’ will always be useful in the fight for healthy skin.”

Don’t Use With: Ingredients that can counteract the anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD, such as alcohol. Also, be aware that CBD is still an unregulated ingredient, and ongoing research is still exploring CBD’s pathways and other ingredients it may or may not work well with.

CBD has many health benefits apart from treating acne. However, more research is needed in the coming years to determine the full potential of CBD in treating various ailments. In the following section, let’s take a look at what a CBD oil user has to say about her acne treatment and other ways CBD oil helped her. Scroll down.

There are many ways you can use CBD oil for acne:

What Should You Look For While Buying CBD Oil For Acne?

Acne flare-ups can take a toll on your skin and emotional health. It doesn’t matter if it’s the result of a poor lifestyle, genes, or hormones, treating acne is akin to waging war against a skin disease that leaves scars and uneven skin texture. Thanks to modern research, a new natural treatment for acne has taken the front seat – CBD oil.

Now that we know that CBD oil really works for reducing acne, let’s find out how to use it in the following section.

CBD is extracted from hemp, a close cousin of marijuana. It is not psychoactive (1). That means CBD oil does not give you a “high”. But, it helps reduce acne and has several other proven benefits that may have an indirect link to treating acne. If you are looking for a solution to your acne problem, CBD oil may be it! Read on to learn everything about CBD oil for acne.