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how to use cbd oil for joint pain

“An elderly woman was brought to my office by her adult daughter. The elderly lady was experiencing pain from osteoarthritis in her knees that began to affect her mobility. The patient began taking a 25:1 CBD:THC ratio edible, resulting in almost complete resolution of pain and improved mobility,” Goldstein said.

He continued, “Today, I have been taking high-CBD strain cannabis and oil derivatives for nearly a decade. This treatment option has helped considerably with the pain, as well as my ability to cope with life alterations associated with nearly losing my foot. The pain will never fully go away, but CBD has helped reduce the associated inflammation. There have been no notable side effects and I am in no way addicted to it. I am now in control of my pain — not the other way around.”

A 2016 study, published in the European Journal of Pain, examined the efficacy of topical CBD in rats. It was found that the application of CBD significantly reduced joint swelling, as well as limb posture scores as a rating of pain. It was concluded that topical CBD offers therapeutic potential for pain-related inflammation and behaviors associated with arthritis.

What the experts say

Williams recommends using CBD and THC in tandem for joint pain relief.

Another study, published in the journal Pain, focused on CBD pain prevention in relation to rat osteoarthritis. Upon studying osteoarthritis in rats, it was found that CBD blocked joint pain in a dose-dependent manner. In addition, prophylactic CBD administration prevented the future development of nerve damage and associated pain in the arthritic joints. The researchers concluded that CBD may be a safe treatment option in mammals, targeting pain while blocking the inflammatory responses that drive disease progression.

CBD is a potent anti-inflammatory and can decrease joint pain in patients with arthritis and other conditions that cause joint inflammation.

While studies are limited, researchers have identified a relationship between CBD and joint pain. Photo by: Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

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According to Arthritis Foundation’s poll, 29% of people currently use CBD and 80% have either used it in the past or are considering using it. People who have consumed CBD usually report improvement in their condition, their physical movement, as well as their sleeping pattern. Some of them even reported a significant improvement in their arthritic pain and stiffness.

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However, it’s often difficult to gauge the best CBD oil for arthritis based on their quality, efficacy, safety, and value for money, especially since there are so many new and old CBD oil brands offering a wide range of products in the market. Most of these brands virtually offer the same thing – only in different packaging. Moreover, when you want to try out a completely new form of therapy, the decision is often never easy to make. Right?

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