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innovet pet products cbd oil

Innovet Pet Products makes CBD products and innovative aids to help improve your pets’ health, hygiene, and wellness. Their high-quality formulas are designed with the modern-day pet parent in mind, ensuring they meet the standards of those who treat their pets like family.

That personal stake informs Innovet Pet Products’ mission to “provide pet owners just like ourselves with the most affordable and high quality solutions for their furry loved ones’ health, hygiene, and wellness.” Each product Innovet offers comes with a backstory about how it was devised to solve a problem experienced by a pet owned by the founders or their friends, family, or co-workers.

Overview of Innovet

Innovet Pet Products was founded in 2005 by Matthew Terri and David Louvet, two undergraduate colleagues who cared a ton about their pet’s arising health issues. Veterinary services couldn’t provide the answers they needed, so the duo searched for a new way to solve their beloved pet’s problems.

If these products have not been opened, you can start your return within 30 days of purchase. To return your product, all you need to do is mail it back to:

Based in Gardena, California, Innovet Pet Products prides themselves on their customer service, and they work to educate their customers and community about pet care.

As their pups encountered increasing health issues in their senior years, Innovet began producing a range of natural solutions to help with common conditions such as ear infections, supplements to chemotherapy treatment, and the need to safely induce vomiting.

Innovet Pet calls themselves the first CBD brand to make their independent lab test results publicly available, which is an awesome claim to fame. Looking at the latest results, this full spectrum extraction includes the secondary cannabinoids CBC, CBG, and CBD-A alongside the main CBD.

Things to consider

Here’s our update on what’s happening with Innovet Pet.

Started in 2005 by two BioChemistry and Engineering undergrads, Matthew Terrill and David Louvet began developing CBD formulas for the same reason that many mom-and-pop companies are founded: dissatisfaction with the traditional pharmaceutical options available to their pets.

The brand’s current full spectrum formula was first introduced in 2012, and has amassed thousands of positive owner testimonials over the past decade. Today, Innovet continues to push the industry forward with innovations like their dosage calculator and several non-CBD hemp products designed to improve digestive and coat health.