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is cbd oil legal in croatia

Illegal drug cultivation, production and processing with no intent to sell can lead to prison sentences of up to five years. If the prosecutor proves that the individual had an intention to sell the drugs, the prison sentences can go up to 12 years.

Croatian judges might recommend fines, community service, probation and treatment for those who are charged with drug possession. Sometimes, the offence might even be dismissed if the judge considers it ‘insignificant’. Some lawbreakers might have to attend a compulsory drug treatment for up to three years.

Cannabis drug laws in Croatia

Croatia’s cannabis laws are already somewhat relaxed and permissive, and it’s encouraging to see that the country is taking decisive steps toward full legalisation.

Croatia legalised medical marijuana back in 2015 after a man suffering from multiple sclerosis (MS) was arrested for growing weed to keep his symptoms in check. His arrest angered the general public and a medical cannabis law was quickly passed.

All the medical cannabis in Croatian pharmacies is currently imported from Canada .

Now, as the law does not define the maximum amount of cannabis that can be possessed in Croatia for personal use, the arresting police officer and the judge who presides over your case have the freedom to decide on your penalty based on a variety of factors and circumstances. Weighing in on the decision is the amount of cannabis in your possession, your sex, your criminal record, and other considerations [2].

Illegal cultivation, manufacture, and processing of drugs without any intent to sell can result in prison sentences of up to five years. If the prosecution proves the motive of the person to distribute the drugs, jail terms will go up to twelve years [1].

In 2001 Croatia passed and has since been updating its Drug Abuse Prevention Act (DAPA). The DAPA and the Criminal Code for Croatia regulate the drug manufacturing, possession, and trade conditions.

Laws of Cannabis drugs in Croatia

Yes, since the acceptance of Ivana Ćelić’s amendment to the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ), the use, growth, and purchase of CBD is fully legal in Croatia. You can therefore freely import and use any CBD products. Natural Hemp Life offers a wide range of high-quality CBD products to facilitate your everyday lifestyle. Enjoy fast and discrete shipping anywhere in Croatia.

The bill suggests a collaborative administration model where the state will work with private companies to retain the high-quality commodity on the market. It would also allow any adult citizen to cultivate up to nine female cannabis plants rich in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) for personal needs.

Each medical cannabis is actually imported from Canada in Croatian pharmacies.

Croatia is home to some of the Mediterranean’s most beautiful sceneries. The Croatian coastline has over 1,000 islands which each year attract millions of tourists. And, unknown to many, Croatia is also home to one of Europe’s most relaxed cannabis laws. You might now wonder: ‘Is CBD legal in Croatia? Read on to learn.