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is cbd oil legal in norway

Norway doesn’t have a list of health conditions that are eligible for cannabis treatments, so doctors have the liberty to choose when to prescribe one. Cannabis-based treatments are usually prescribed to patients who suffer from multiple sclerosis (MS) or who are going through cancer treatments.

But are tourists allowed to use weed? Is cannabis legal in Norway? Let’s find out.

Norway has recently decriminalised the use of drugs in an attempt to help its citizens receive the treatment they need to overcome their drug problems. While some people see the drug decriminalisation as a step toward cannabis legalisation, this might be far from the truth.

Will Norway legalise marijuana soon?

Hemp cultivation and production are illegal in Norway. Even though the Norwegians have a long history of using hemp for the production of sailcloth or ropes, the plant was banned in 1964. Despite the fact that CBD, an extract that’s produced from hemp, is now legal, the plant is still banned.

About 14.3 percent of Norwegian cannabis users lost their right to drive or encountered difficulties in keeping it, even though they didn’t drive under the influence of marijuana. Now, this might not seem like an important consequence at a first glance, but in a country with long distances between cities and rural areas, being able to drive might be crucial in maintaining your employment status or social life.

Medical cannabis was legalised in Norway back in 2016 . Patients looking for treatment can legally buy Sativex and Bedrocan if they have a prescription.

Here’s the thing. Cannabis is currently not an important topic for Norwegian politicians. There are some politicians that bring up the topic now and again, but they generally lack the support they would need to pass a bill in this direction.

Industrial hemp production is illegal in the country, which means Norway has no hemp market. This wasn’t always the case. In fact, Norwegian farmers have been growing hemp for centuries until it was eventually banned in 1964.

All parts of the cannabis plant are illegal to purchase or sell in Norway. This means that it’s illegal to mail seeds into the country. This may change with the forthcoming decriminalisation of cannabis but at present, the government has not issued any information regarding the legal status of the plant’s seeds.

This may change in the future; particularly as recreational cannabis use is soon going to be decriminalised. However, as yet, Norway’s government haven’t explicitly stated that they’ll change the hemp law.

Industrial hemp in Norway

This was a surprising decision, given Norway’s previous stance. Although not quite as strict as Sweden’s ‘zero tolerance’ approach, Norway has traditionally had some of the harshest drug laws in Europe.

Despite the harsh prison sentences for even small-scale cultivation, there are people in the country that take the risk and grow cannabis anyway. The imported hashish that dominates Norway’s illegal cannabis market is often of poor quality, which leads local growers to cultivate cannabis domestically in a bid to produce a superior product.

However, if the crime is regarded as an “aggravated narcotic drug offence” then the prison term is extended to up to 10 years. “Aggravated” offences are determined by:

The government is taking steps to address this, however. For example, the Norwegian Ministry of Health and the Norwegian Medicines Agency have introduced a programme to provide education on cannabis treatment for hospital doctors.

Research recommends that oral CBD spray might help to decrease spasticity. Nevertheless, researchers require to carry out additional research study to validate this.

As a basic guideline, CBD needs to run out your system in less than a week after you stop using it.

You need to build it up in your system

You can’t OD on CBD, however dosage is personal. “More does not always indicate better,” cautions Capano.

For this reason, she recommends trying simply 2.5 mg at. Is Cbd Oil Legal In Norway

All these are made similarly: By drawing out CBD, or cannabidiol, from a cannabis plant and after that diluting it with a carrier, such as coconut oil, explains Capano. Is Cbd Oil Legal In Norway