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jayden’s juice cbd oil

We have developed a variety of tinctures and full-spectrum oils (FSO) with ingredients that include the highest quality CBD, THC, and THCA. Our products are vegan, hemp-free, pesticide-free, and made with love in California.

Jaydens juice is manufactured at California’s premier manufacturing and extraction facility, Kase Manufacturing . Located in Ceres, California, Kase is a fully-licensed cannabis volatile extraction, manufacturing, packing and distribution facility operated by award-winning extractors.

The solutions that Jason has developed with the knowledge he had acquired have since been used to help his son. This includes both the Jayden’s Juice CBD Tincture and the Jayden’s Juice THC-A.

Unfortunately, Jayden has been diagnosed with a rare type of cancer called Dravet Syndrome. Given the existing interest and actual experiences consumers have shared of using cannabinoids to treat seizures across several social media platforms, Jason decided to take the same route via extensive research.

What is Jayden’s Juice CBD Tincture?

As for its reliability, the Natural Cannabis Company claims Jayden’s Juices as having received numerous positive feedbacks and has since been deemed effective in dealing with other concerns such as mental clarity, and chronic and acute pains to name the slightly fraction. Interestingly, this respective brand was also featured in a movie about cannabis called, “The Culture High”.

Mainly, THC is derived from its acidic counterpart THC-A when heat is applied. The application of heat is what converts THC-A into the psychoactive THC. In its natural state, it has been reasoned as being as non-psychoactive as CBD.

Jayden’s Juice specializes within the medical cannabis industry and has been founded on personal experience. In particular, Jayden’s Juice reflects the measures taken by a father, Jason, who has been actively treating his six-year-old son, Jayden with cannabis.

With 11 states having fully legalized marijuana as of this writing, the market is exploding with everything from vapes to CBD oils, but with such growth come many subpar, sometimes even tainted products.

Jayden is now a thriving 13 years old who’s not cripled by seizures and is living the best life he can. Having gone through the worst, Jason David spent years perfecting the formula that saved his son’s life, and has since opened two dispensaries in California to help treat others.

The Beginnings

Having said that, this meticulously formulated and tested CBD has helped not only people with epilepsy because Jayden’s Juice is so much more than that.

Although Jayden’s Juice started out as a way for Jason David to treat his son, its applications grew beyond that one affliction. CBD, especially Jaden’s Juice, is made to treat a myriad of problems.

CBD, in general, has many uses, but the company’s formulation targets specific ailments for people who really need them. As they explain on their website, “Everyone is different, so carefully experiment with dosage until you find the ratio that’s right for you. Less is often more—start with a small micro-dose. You can always increase the dose. Each patient should start out with a drop or 2 until they feel comfortable with the product before increasing dosage based on the particular product and ailment”