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kosher cbd oil

For now only our flagship Provacan Oil 300mg, 600mg, 1200mg & 2400mg products carry the certification.

KLBD is the largest kosher certification agency in Europe, as well as one of the top five in the world. The KLBD logo is recognised and respected by both manufacturers and consumers worldwide. KLBD certify over 50,000 ingredients and 4,000 retail products across 70 countries.

Kosher certification means for you:

We are proud of the team behind the scenes at CiiTECH that have spent months ensuring our formulation and complete production process is compliant with one of the most respected Kosher certifications in the world.

The UK’s London Beth Din has been certifying kosher products for decades and carry the respect of certification dietary supervision the world over.

For us, it’s one more mark of quality assurance in our CBD based products.

If you do some online searching, you might find a handful of kosher cannabis brands. However, there is only one brand we’re aware of that goes through the requisite steps of gaining kosher CBD oil certification. That brand is the United Kingdom’s Provacan label . In case you’ve never heard of them, the firm is a sister company of the Israeli biotech research organization CiiTECH.

The complete laws of kosher food and drink are complex. They’re also open to various degrees of interpretation (depending on the level of orthodoxy). If you desire more information, here is a more thorough explanation of what the term kosher means).

By most interpretations, kosher food falls into three broad categories: meats, dairy, and pareve. Since cannabis is neither meat nor dairy, one would correctly assume that CBD hemp oil falls under the category ‘pareve.’ Pareve just refers to something that is neither meat nor fish.

Kosher CBD oil: What it is, and where to buy it

Provacan CBD is relatively new on the UK hemp market. However, the brand already has a reputation as one of the highest-quality CBD oil tinctures available. They offer shipping everywhere in the UK, and are working to add the USA to their list of shippable countries.

As is typical of any emerging market, the CBD industry is finding all sorts of exciting ways to market hemp extracts. While CBD oils (with their perceived medical benefits ) continue to dominate the market, there are other products to choose from. CBD pills , CBD edibles , and CBD topical lotions are all increasing in popularity.

Regardless, one particular area where the market has seen a concerning lack of quality products is in certified kosher CBD oil. It would seem this would be a market most any major brand would want to corner. In reality, few companies have taken the initiative to get their tinctures certified by the Orthodox Union.

CiiTECH works out of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In fact, they are currently sponsoring two clinical trials on the use of CBD for obesity and asthma. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem is home to some of the most advanced cannabis-based research in the world. In fact, it is home to the “father of modern cannabis” himself, Dr. Raphael Mechoulam.