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liberty cbd oil

Liberty CBD vape carts are delivered in a beautiful, natural wood tip cartridge that utilizes ceramic core technology for unparalleled performance and reliability. Strain-specific, organic terpene profiles are added to pure cbd in order to enhance and bring out the full potential of the distillate. Terpenes are aromatic organic compounds found in many types of medicinal plants and flowers. They are the fragrant oils that give cannabis its aromatic diversity.

Two Moons cannot and does not make any claims that products containing CBD will improve any medical symptoms or conditions. Statements made regarding these products have not been evaluated by the FDA. We encourage customers to seek proper medical advice before making any dietary changes. You must be 18 years of age or older to consume this product. Contains less than .3% delta-9 THC by dry weight.


This universal 510 thread works on almost any battery.

Doing right by People: We believe in the power of Mother Nature to bring healing and relief and are proud to bring you superior products at a great value. Based in Humboldt County, CA., we are committed to creating naturally powerful CBD products. When you choose Liberty, you can be assured we’ve done the research needed to bring you premium products with the tremendous potential to heal a variety of health conditions. A trusted CBD brand, Liberty products are made from hemp grown on American family farms.

Liberty CBD vape carts offers the user an alternative way to deliver beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes into the body. The immediate absorption achieved through vaporizing is a great way to feel the immediate effects of CBD. While the onset of relief is very fast, the duration of vaping’s effects is not as long-lasting as taking one of our oil/tinctures on a regular, consistent basis.

Cherry Pie- A hybrid of Durban Poison and Granddaddy Purple, this earthy berry blend is sweet and sour. Within minutes, it gives feelings of happiness, creativity and is uplifting. Girl Scout Cookies- Experience euphoria and overall body relaxation with this sweet and earthy hybrid. Gorilla Glue No. 4- Pungent and potent, this indica-dominant hybrid provides feelings of euphoria and relaxation. So potent, you might even feel “glued” to your couch! Works as an appetite stimulator. OG Kush- This unique terpene profile comes with notes of fuel, skunk, and spice. A uniquely social strain, OG Kush lends itself to mental stimulation and overall mood improvement. Watermelon OG-This heavy hitting indica will help those with insomnia get to sleep fast. Calming and relaxing with a distinct watermelon fruity-flavor. Wedding Cake- Sometimes going by the name of “Pink Cookies,” Wedding Cake is a cross of Girl Scout Cookie and Cherry Pie. A delectably rich treat with tangy sweet notes of vanilla. Heady, calming and euphoric blissfulness.

Gelato- This hybrid gets its name from its fruity, dessert-like flavor. Delight in mighty euphoria and physical relaxation while staying creatively productive. Pineapple Express- This fresh-tasting hybrid strain comes with notes of pineapple, pine, and cedar. Great for an energetic buzz and creative escapes. Sunset Sherbert- A hybrid strain, Sunset Sherbert has a powerful full-body effect for supreme relaxation and a clear mind. Wifi- This uplifting hybrid is ideal for social and creative activities. Sour and earthy, Wifi works well for stress, sadness, and pain.


Super Sour Diesel- This invigorating sativa-dominant strain is pungent & fast acting. Delivers energizing & dreamy effects. Helps mood elevation, and stress & pain fade away in no time. Jack Herer- Jack Herer yields blissful, clearheaded creativeness. The perfect sativa strain to keep you occupied on a busy day. Super Lemon Haze- Energetic and social, this mood-elevating, sativa-dominant hybrid is the perfect daytime strain good for eliminating stress, fatigue, and stress. Sweet and tart lemony taste and aroma.

Liberty CBD’s full-spectrum vape carts are made with pure, organic CBD and organically derived terpenes. No fillers such as VG/PG/PEG or MCT have been added. Our organic terpene profiles enhance and bring out the full potential of our CBD. At an extra strength 750mg of CBD per full 1 gram cart, you won’t find a stronger CBD vape cart on the market.

The best CBD cart available, Liberty CBD’s carts have been carefully crafted for balance and richness. Terpene profiles that highlight specific cannabis strains and their unique properties allow users a customized experience.

Liberty Brand Hemp products contain full-spectrum CBD.

Liberty Brand Hemp ships its products within the USA and internationally.

Extraction Method

Customers may email [email protected] for any inquiries.

Liberty Brand Hemp does not disclose the extraction method it uses.

The product’s COA states that the THC level for each gummy is 0.10mg/g or 0.33mg per gummy.