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nhanced cbd oil

Each product features full-spectrum CBD sourced from farm-grown hemp.

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Give this pack a try. You probably won't ever want to live without any of these products ever again.

It's got 'NHANCED CBD Oil, the highest-quality, full-spectrum CBD oil on the market today;
'NHANCED CBD Body Cream, our rich and luxurious full-body lotion; and 'NHANCED CBD
Roll-on Gel, the massaging CBD treat infused with therapeutic essential oils.

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“We went in search of the best CBD we could find. We knew we wanted farm-grown, minimally processed, responsibly farmed hemp so we could ensure its purity.”

Along with the collection, consumers will be able to try the Tahitian Noni + CBD juice, which will give more intense effects than the topical application of CBD. The company also plans to release a CBD-infused beverage called Marley Mellow Mood, which is a tea with 25mg of CBD in each serving. While these drinks will be available in Japan first, Morinda will wait for the government regulations in the United States to change before it is available locally.

As a result, the two teams created the new ‘NHANCED CBD Collection. Presently, there are three CBD-infused products, which include a CBD oil, a roll-on gel, and a body creme.

Laura Kimball, the Senior Product Line Manager, explained,

“In our bodies we have cannabinoid receptors—the two primary receptors are CB1 and CB2. We’ve found that noni does a better job impacting one of those receptors and CBD does a better job impacting the other. The two working together can have a profound impact on the body.”

“’NHANCED Hemp products were designed and developed to meet stringent government hemp (cannabis sativa) and cannabidiol (CBD) regulations for safety, purity and efficacy,” said Laura Kimball, director of product development. “The hemp in these three products is sourced from industrial hemp grown in the USA and the mature seed is then carefully processed to ensure that it is pure and completely free from tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).”

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“’NHANCED Hemp is proving to be one of our most talked about product lines we have launched,” said Brent Willis, Chief Executive Officer of NewAge. “Receiving approval and beginning to sell our products in these markets further puts us on the right path to become a leading player in the hemp/CBD industry in Australia and New Zealand.”

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