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The portfolio of wellness supplements is specially formulated by Martha and leading scientists at Canopy Animal Health to deliver functional products with carefully controlled CBD content for customized daily use in dogs of all sizes and ages. All Martha Stewart CBD for Pet products carry the NASC quality seal, denoting strict adherence to manufacturing, labeling, testing, and marketing guidelines – ensuring the best quality product for your pet. All products are corn, soy and wheat-free, and contain no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

Martha Stewart CBD for Pet Soft-Baked Chews for Calm (Chicken + Cranberry flavor, 30 ct)

Martha Stewart CBD for Pet Soft-Baked Chews for Mobility (Chicken + Blueberry flavor, 30 ct)

All products from the Martha Stewart CBD for Pet collection are available beginning January 26, 2021, on Canopy Growth’s one-stop ecommerce destination,,, and*.

At launch, the line includes:

Shake well before each use. May be used every 6 hours. Adjust dosage as necessary. 1 dropper equals 1 ml. If in doubt, consult your veterinarian.

My dog likes the taste and puts her head up when I ask if she wants some. No more destroying beds or tearing up stuff when I have to go out. I use it with valerian calming treats.

Nutrient Paste

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Active Ingredients: Valerian, Chamomile, Passion Flower, Skullcap Extract.

Is this supplement safe to use with the medication my pet is currently taking?

Though valerian is generally safe for dogs, large doses may cause digestive upset, and it shouldn’t be used in pregnant dogs.

Chamomile is also great for easing nausea – making it perfect for dogs who don’t travel well – as well as helping digestion, easing gas (no more blaming Fido) and is one of the best dog supplements for itching when used topically.

The reasoning for this anxiety can be anything from loud noises to lack of routine or mental stimulation, or separation issues from puppy-hood trauma – especially common for our beloved rescue pups. Any dog-lover will testify to how in-tune canines are to their owners, so they may just be anxious because you are! Addressing the root cause is always the best tactic, but if you have an overly-nervous dog or a situation you can’t avoid, there are ways you can help.

Though chamomile is considered very safe, some animals can be allergic, so we do recommend you start with small amounts.

    Valerian root: is one of the more popular sedative and anti-anxiety herbs for dogs and humans alike. Since valerian is considered a “warming herb”, it is not recommended for dogs that tend to run hot (for instance, itchy dogs hot to the touch with bright-red tongues). Use it for stressful events or if your dog gets hysterical or over-excitable.

Specific herbs are brilliant for calming your nervous dog, providing a natural and safe alternative to pharmaceutical meds and their nasty side effects. Using herbs for dogs is a mild, non-addictive and cost effective way for calming your dog – especially as they don’t require a vet visit and prescription. Unlike pharmaceuticals, calming herbs can be a long-term solution for your dog, working to support the nervous system through nutrition. In fact, many of the herbs for dogs we recommend are also often prescribed for humans! But before you pull out the Rescue Remedy (please don’t!), check out our guide to calming herbs for dogs.

Doggy anxiety symptoms can be very similar to that of a human’s – shaking, difficulty breathing, restless or destructive behaviour, tail tucking (well, maybe not the last one). Such symptoms are easily spotted, but anxiety can also present itself in more unusual ways – being easily frightened or jumpiness, biting, cowering, itching or yawning, urinating and micro-expressions such as laying ears back or snarling.