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If you’ve managed to get a valid prescription for your veterinarian, the sourced CBD products should be from a certified lab. You can rest assured the quality of CBD oil has been tested and verified.

Although the therapeutic properties of CBD may not be present, hemp seed oil is known to be packed full of nutritional benefits. Hemp seed oil is filled with omegas, antioxidants and healthy plant cholesterol which can help support inflammation, immune system and improve skin and coat quality.

In one of the studies, the dogs received 2mg/kg of CBD oil every 12 hours, over a 4 week period. The results indicated there was a significant decrease in pain and increase in daily activity. There were no visible side-effects reported by the owners, with the exception of an increase in alkaline phosphatase during treatment.

CBD oil for dogs: points to consider

CBD oil (isolate) is simply the isolated compound extracted from the cannabis plant, removing any other cannabinoids such as THC in the process. By removing the psychoactive components from the product, it should not induce the “high” or make your pet “stoned” when administering the CBD oil.

Higher concentrations of cannabidiol may cause diarrhoea and other mild side effects. However, overall, current studies suggest CBD appears to be as safe for dogs as it is for humans.

Recent double-blind placebo-controlled trials suggest dogs which received daily oral doses of CBD showed a decrease in pain and improved activity. [1][2]

It’s important to distinguish the difference between CBD oil and hemp seed oil when considering medication for your pet. Both have different uses, side effects and legality. Always check the product label for the active ingredients before administering any medication for your little friends.

On the other hand, Australian veterinarians have the discretion to prescribe human medication for dogs and other pets once they see that it is highly beneficial and effective in improving the animal’s health condition. At the same time, they have been highly advised against the use of THC with animals; its adverse effects, such as death from overdose, greatly outweigh the benefits that the treatment may provide.

As complex as the human body is, the brain has its natural cannabinoids that provide the body with its therapeutic value and CBD functions similarly. CBD is proven to be potent against nausea, effective in relaxing muscles, and beneficial in inducing sleep among patients with insomnia and sleeping problems. It is also seen as a powerful antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-epileptic.

On the other hand, the holistic veterinarian and medical director of Montclair Veterinary Hospital and Holistic Veterinary Care in Oakland, California said that CBD is generally safe for cats. Dr Gary Richter states, “I think the bigger issue, from a medical perspective, is making sure that animals are dosed appropriately. This means that the CBD oil is having the effect you want it to have and that you are not accidentally overdosing.” [ 14 ]

Can veterinarians prescribe CBD oil for dogs?

Other points to consider to ensure the safe and effective administration of CBD oil to dogs are:

The Australian government introduced legislation to decriminalise the use and sale of medical cannabis in 2016.

Both CBD and THC are naturally existing in the cannabis plant and both are believed to have potent qualities that can be beneficial to the body. CBD stands for cannabidiol and it can be extracted from the hemp plant similar to THC, which is an abbreviation for tetrahydrocannabinol.CBD or cannabidiol is a chemical compound that is extracted from the Cannabis sativa plant. As a naturally occurring substance, the administration of CBD gives a relaxing and calming feeling. Because of this effect, CBD is seen as a relaxant for muscles and even as a potent anxiety medication for patients with chronic conditions. [ 4 ] On the other hand, THC or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol hails from the same origin as CBD and can be considered to be from the same family. THC, however, comes with a strong psychoactive side effect when taken as it induces euphoria, commonly referred to as “the marijuana high”. It is due to this psychoactive effect that THC is listed as a controlled substance and is considered illegal in many countries all over the globe.Without the unwanted psychoactive effects of THC, CBD is seen as a promising substance to be used to battle several chronic medical conditions. As it retains the cannabis plant’s beneficial aspects, CBD is proven to be non-psychoactive and it does not alter the patient’s mental alertness even when taken in large doses. [ 5 ]

As Australian veterinarians have the discretion to prescribe cannabis products for pets, note that these products currently available in the market contain very low levels of CBD. It is legally sold in the mass market with very low CBD concentrations to avoid substance abuse and to be safe from toxicity and overdose, as explained by Phil Brain who is a practising veterinarian and a proud member of the Australian Veterinary Association or AVA. Brain also states that AVA keeps an open mind on the matter but they strongly advocate for products which have been thoroughly tested.