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plant therapy co2 hemp extract reviews

Plant Therapy is dedicated to ensuing that its products meet high quality standards. As a result, the brand tests every batch of its CBD products using a third-party laboratory. The laboratory uses High-Performance Liquid Chromatology, which tests for potency, purity, and that the product is free of contaminants.

“At Plant Therapy, everything we do ties back into our desire to do as much good for as many people as possible. After carefully researching CBD and all the potential benefits that can come from safe, natural and high quality cannabinoids, we feel that this product has the potential to do a great deal of good for a large number of people.”

Plant Therapy is an essential oil brand that is releasing a new line of products on the market. It’s new line is the brand’s first all-natural and complete CO2 hemp extract line. Dissimilar from most CBD products on the market, this line is neither comprised of full spectrum or isolates. Rather, the products are broad-spectrum products that are made out of the whole hemp plant and that features the benefits thereof.

This selection makes it easy for users to find a product that is in the flavor and size that suits their needs.

The products come in three different flavors and four different strengths. The flavors are:

The products are also made out of high-quality hemp that is sourced in the United States from growers that maintain ethical standards. Then, the brand uses pressurized carbon dioxide at low temperatures to extract the CBD. The process leads to a 90 percent extraction efficiency rate. Further, the extract is highly concentrated, pure, and non-addictive. The products are currently available for purchase on the brand’s website. There is also a list of FAQ concerning the products so that users can have their likely concerns addressed.

The strengths are:

In this Plant Therapy review, I will focus on the quality of the company’s products, certifications, pros and cons, pricing, and additional details. Thus, you should find all the information that you came here looking for.

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When it comes to Plant Therapy CBD reviews, the company offers you 4 different collections to choose from. They’re categorized based on the purpose of utilization. The options include CBD Everyday Wellness, CBD Quiet Mind, CBD Rest Easy and CBD Intense Relief.

The first that you have to pay attention to is the hemp growth location. Why is that so, you might want to ask? You see, different countries all over the world have different laws and regulations when it comes to farming procedures and the quality of hemp. US-grown industrial hemp is under the supervision of the USDA that ensures all the products are up-to-par with all the legal standards.

When choosing CBD products for yourself, the most important thing that you have to pay attention to is the quality and safety of the products. After all, products that are made using questionable ingredients can do more harm than actually help.