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pure spectrum cbd oil review

It’s always Christmas when my Pure Spectrum packages arrive!!

I have been using Pure Spectrum products for 3 years. They have quite a variety of products available and believe they are the best products around!

I have always gotten products as described and in a timely manner. They work well for me and help with my pain, anxiety, and sleep. My only complaint is the cost. It's a little pricey, but still worth it for me right now.

It’s always Christmas when my Pure…

Great quality! I've used other companies. for sure would recommend Pure Spectrum.

Professional and clean

Helps with chronic back pain they r the best always ship my orders quickly

Had an issue with bad communication on the very first order, the order was said to be split but wasn't. Had a dialogue with CS before ordering hundreds of dollars worth of product for a second order. Opened the outer package when it arrived to verify content, however, a sale that would have saved me over 100.00 started the same day my order arrived, despite me asking about upcoming sales or promotions or savings due to my profession and size of purchase. The discount was not honored and told I can only return my order if the seal on the outermost box was not broken, despite not having used or opened anything inside. Lost a new and potential lifetime customer over dishonest communication and poor shipping.

The brand has grown a lot in the last few years and now has a dedicated team of experts. There is extensive information on each team member available on the website if you want to take a look. In fact, Brady’s daughter, Jayda, also has a bio! She works as an office assistant and is described as a ‘child visionary’ – from time to time, she takes calls in the office. It’s lovely to see a genuinely family-run brand sharing a passion for CBD.

Pure Spectrum has packaged the oils in a blue bottle to protect the cannabinoids from light, preventing them from degrading. The brand has clearly thought about everything here. If you check the website, it will tell you how many cannabinoids are in each drop of the oil, helping you to choose the best option for you.

Pure Spectrum CBD Products

Each vape oil cartridge contains 250mg of CBD and a terpene profile matching cannabis strains. The honey oil cartridges contain 100mg instead but come in the same flavors. You have the option to buy the following flavors:

The best place to buy Pure Spectrum CBD is directly from the official site. As well as selling the brand’s own products, there are a few items from other brands there. The CBD for pets section sells products from Endopet, while there are a couple of tinctures from another brand as well.

There is one isolate available on the Pure Spectrum site. It’s a fairly typical CBD isolate powder containing 99% pure cannabidiol. You have a huge range of options when it comes to the size, though, meaning that the price range is also pretty enormous:

Pure Spectrum is a Colorado-based company founded by Brady Bell in 2015. Prior to founding Pure Spectrum, Brady accumulated over 40,000 hours of experience across every aspect of the hemp industry, from sourcing and processing to cultivation, retail, and distribution. He poured all of this knowledge and experience into Pure Spectrum, and the company has seen extensive growth over the last five years.

At first glance, Pure Spectrum may look like just another online brand offering a selection of CBD products.

For such an established brand, we expect a fully detailed breakdown of cannabinoids, terpenes, as well as testing for pesticides, heavy metals, and more. Unfortunately, they only provide information on cannabinoid content. Despite this, the results are easy to read, and the brand also provides an exact manufacturing date for each product.

How to Access Lab Reports

However, in our review, we discovered a company that values meticulous hemp cultivation, ethical manufacturing, and a high level of transparency. In fact, Pure Spectrum is a brand that puts hemp farming at the heart of their business. But does this reflect in the quality of their tinctures, gummies, topicals, and isolates? Let’s find out.

Like all prominent CBD brands, Pure Spectrum makes their lab reports highly accessible. Visitors to the site can find a full list of product reports under the “Test Results” tab. The company uses a third-party, Bontacor, to analyze each batch of hemp extract, which is always good to see.

We think it’s essential to look at what existing customers say about Pure Spectrum’s quality. Luckily, the brand stands in good stead when it comes to public opinion. We were pleased to see a high Trustpilot score of 4.6, with many customers commenting on fast and reliable delivery.