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recent studies have

The most striking result to emerge from the data is that .
Interestingly, this correlation is related to .
The correlation between . and … is interesting because .
The more surprising correlation is with the .
The single most striking observation to emerge from the data comparison was .

Significance of the findings with a qualification

A limitation of this study is that the numbers of patients and controls were relatively small.
A number of caveats need to be noted regarding the present study.
An issue that was not addressed in this study was whether.
Finally, a number of important limitations need to be considered. First, .
However, these findings are limited by the use of a cross sectional design.
However, with a small sample size, caution must be applied, as the findings might not be transferable to .
One source of weakness in this study which could hare affected the measurements of was that .
Several limitations to this pilot study need to be acknowledged. The sample size is .
The current investigation was limited by .
The current research was not specifically designed to evaluate factors related to .
The current study has only examined .
The current study was unable to analyse these variables.
The findings in this report are subject to at least three limitations. First, these data apply only to .
The main weakness of this study was the paucity of .
The most important limitation lies in the fact that .
The project was limited in several ways. First, the project used a convenience sample that .

Taken together, these findings suggest a role for . in promoting Y.
The . that we have identified therefore assists in our understanding of the role of .
The current findings add substantially to our understanding of .
The current findings add to a growing body of literature on .
The empirical findings in this study provide a new understanding of .
The findings from this study make several contributions to the current literature. First,…
The methods used for this . may be applied to other . s elsewhere in the world.
The present study confirms previous findings and contributes additional evidence that suggests .
The present study provides additional evidence with respect to .
The present study, however, makes several noteworthy contributions to .
The study has gone some way towards enhancing our understanding of .
These findings enhance our understanding of .
This research will serve as a base for future studies and .
This work contributes to existing knowledge . by providing .

Significance of the findings

A further study could assess .
A future study investigating . would be very interesting.
A number of possible future studies using the same experimental set up are apparent.
Considerably more work will need to be done to determine .
Further experimental investigations are needed to estimate .
Further investigation and experimentation into . is strongly recommended.
Further research in this field \ regarding the role of . would be of great help in .
Further research might explore \ investigate .
Further work needs to be done to establish whether .
Future research should therefore concentrate on the investigation of .
Future trials should assess a full selective decontamination regimen including
I suggest that before . is introduced, a study similar to this one should be carried out on .
If the debate is to be moved forward, a better understanding of . needs to be developed.
It is recommended that further research be undertaken in the following areas –
It is suggested that the association of these factors is investigated in future studies.
It would be interesting to assess the effects of .
It would be interesting to compare experiences of individuals within the same … group.
Large randomised controlled trials could provide more definitive evidence.
More broadly, research is also needed to determine .
More information on . would help us to establish a greater degree of accuracy on this matter.
More research is needed to better understand when implementation ends and .
More research is required on .
The issue of . is an intriguing one which could be usefully explored in further research.
These findings provide the following insights for future research – .
This research has thrown up many questions in need of further investigation.
What is now needed is a cross-national study involving .

Prior to commencing the study, ethical clearance was sought from .

Recent studies have revealed that ubiquitination is involved in regulation of Rho GTPases’ biological activities.

Recent studies have revealed that these receptors use diverse mechanisms to either co-stimulate or restrict immune responses.

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Recent studies have revealed that OS is implicated in the neurotoxicity of metallic NPs [62, 63].

Recent studies have revealed that both conditions imposed a huge amount of personal and social burdens [4, 7].

Recent studies have revealed that human cognitive control processes can nevertheless operate without awareness.