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receptra cbd oil

Like a number of other pet-focused brands, Receptra infuses their extract into an organic MCT oil . Using high-fat oil increases dogs’ ability to absorb active cannabis ingredients, though a small number of owners have reported stomach issues in their dogs when consuming MCT oil made from coconuts.

Receptra’s CBD oil for pets comes in two concentrations, a 16mg and a 25mg bottle, which helps owners dial in their dosage for maximum value for money.

Receptra Naturals claims that “less than 1 percent of the industrial hemp in the marketplace would qualify for inclusion in our products.” With this kind of approach to quality control, it’s no surprise that Receptra ranks in the top 10 CBD brands of all the companies we’ve analyzed.

Receptra Naturals – Pet Tincture

Skip forward six years, and Scott has successfully created a CBD brand that’s doing things in all the right ways. With a family-owned farm and a commitment to science-based hemp cultivation, their hand-shucked plants are full of medicinal cannabinoids and terpenes.

Receptra began in 2015 when founder Rusty Scott slipped while walking his dog in a Colorado snowstorm. Finding himself in chronic pain during recovery, he discovered the ability of medical cannabis to soothe and heal daily discomfort.

Using their premium hemp extraction, Receptra Naturals makes both human and pet products, with a range that incorporates CBD gummies and infused roll-on sticks.

includes CBD-V, CBC, CBG, and CBD

Receptra Naturals has created a legacy of reliable, effective products designed to help solve serious problems for thousands of people.

This means no artificial flavors or sweeteners whatsoever, which makes these oils a little less tasty than say a mint chocolate-flavored oil, but they’re still pleasant in their own way.

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Despite their high terpene content, Receptra’s tinctures have a subtle aroma with a slight earthy scent typical of full-spectrum hemp extracts.

This fast-acting salve combines Receptra’s full-spectrum extract with some of nature’s most nurturing ingredients, including arnica and jojoba to help minimize swelling and inflammation.

Receptra’s farmers also cultivate their own clones using Receptra’s quality genetics, ensuring each hemp plant fulfills the strict requirements of the Colorado Department of Agriculture.

However, this doesn’t mean, for example, that Receptra Naturals Serious Relief, which is specifically formulated to relieve pain and inflammation, won’t improve your sleep and/or anxiety.

Below you can see our spread-sheet based on the publicized third-party lab-test reports. We use our own spread-sheet to calculate certain metrics like ‘CBD-to-other-cannabinoids ratio’ and ‘CBD-to-terpene-ratio’. Although these metrics aren’t perfect, they give us a strong indication as to the ‘full-spectrumness’ of a particular product.

And if you want an even stronger product, you can get Serious Relief with a strength of 66mg/dropper. The Serious Rest and Seriously Relax versions, unfortunately, don’t come with stronger versions than 25mg/dropper. But in our experience, 25mg is a great dose to start with, and in most cases, it’s enough to feel noticeable effects.

Receptra Naturals CBD Oil/Tinctures Review

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If you want to learn more about the safety risks of CBD products in general, and potential side effects related to using them, read our guide on:

And that’s also exactly the reason why we rate Receptra Naturals as ‘the best full-spectrum’ option in every category.

Besides the favorable growing conditions (a lot of sunlight, fertile ground, and dry air), Colorado’s state agriculture program that consists of regulations like: