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serenity cbd oil for dogs

Catherine Forget (verified owner) – July 7, 2021

2-2.5 Treats

2.5-3 Treats

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1.5-2 Treats

Kevin Christie – October 6, 2018

A blend to promote calm, alleviate anxiety and nervousness, and balance the digestive tract

90mg SM-MED, 180mg LG-XL


Serenity nutraceutical CBD dog treats by Creating Brighter Days™ helps to encourage relaxation, decrease anxiety and nervous behaviours, and bring the digestive tract into balance. With ashwagandha to promote relaxation, the herb Tulsi to help reduce cortisol levels, and in turn, combat stress, and chamomile to help with any digestive issues. These dog treats are made in BC using only Canadian grown plants.

Serenity Nutraceutical Pet Treats

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With about 3 mg of CBD per treat, these Serenity nutraceutical CBD dog treats by Creating Brighter Days™ are made from only Canadian grown hemp and are always third party lab tested to ensure that your pet is getting the absolute best there is to offer.


Creating Brighter Days™ makes a wide range of CBD oil for dogs and CBD dog treats that offer a restorative, healthful balance to your pet, naturally. This plant-based formula includes hemp seed oil, organic non-GMO superfoods, medicinal herbs called adaptogens, and is enriched with non-psychoactive CBD. All of their products are handcrafted, vet-approved, and 100% natural.