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sour diesel cbd oil

Our organic terpene profiles are specific to the typical terpene profile of a certain strain of cannabis. Sour Diesel is the first of many.

Each bottle of SAUC is made with pure CBD Isolate derived entirely from US-grown non-GMO, pesticide-free, CO2 extracted Industrial Hemp Oil — extracted from the mature stalks and stems of the plant. See ‘test results’ for more details.

This e-liquid allows you to enjoy exactly what Cannabidiol (CBD) and Terpenes have to offer without any psychoactive effects. *There is absolutely no THC in this product*


Our products are manufactured in the USA and lab tested to ensure the highest quality. All ingredients and products are tested via ProVerde Labs and or CWanalytical to ensure they are free of all pesticides, solvents, contaminants and THC.

Store out of the reach of children.

Sour Diesel CBD E-Liquid 10ml By Aztec CBD is a Terpene infused E-Liquid offering a herbal and earth taste in mimic of the famous Sativa strain. Available in 10ml bottles and a choice of strengths. Choose from either 100mg, 300mg, 500mg, or 1000mg. All Aztec liquid contain full spectrum CBD. Use as needed.

Vaping CBD as opposed to eating or getting it other ways speeds up the time it takes for your body to begin feeling its effects. With this more rapid bioavailability, you may need to dose a bit more often, however you will feel its effects quicker.


Sour Diesel CBD E-Liquid 10ml By Aztec CBD is a hybrid strain of hemp sativa. Flavoured to mimic the famous strain expect a herbal, earthy taste. Described as a cross between caffeine and hemp, it is known for its uplifting qualities and its pungent aroma. The CBD used in this E-Liquid is full spectrum and the flavours are derived from natural terpenes.

You should also be aware that the cannabinoids used in this e-liquid range originate from the Sativa strain. As the Sativa strain is more of a stimulant, it is recommended for daytime use.

Each 10ml bottle:


While Sour Diesel flower definitely has its perks, Sour Diesel oil or Sour Diesel vape oil offers just as many advantages. Primarily, you can enjoy your favorite strain in a cleaner, more discreet manner. Whether you are using a tincture-type oil to drop doses under your tongue or using a vape setup to inhale vaporized Sour D extracts, you won’t have such profound aromatics. The overall effects remain the same.

Looking for a new way to enjoy your favorite strains? If so, don’t forget Sour Diesel Oil. One of the most beloved strains in cannabis is now available in an oil form, but still delivers those legendary effects the strain has always been known to provide.

Sour diesel CBD oil tends to have a higher concentration of CBD (cannabidiol) than THC, specifically if you find Sour Diesel CBD oil derived from hemp. Strains of Sour Diesel hemp have been developed that have very minuscule amounts of THC but offer similar sour “skunkiness” due to similar terpene profiles. By nature, the Sour D strain is considered to be a relatively high THC strain, usually boasting 18 percent or more THC. Therefore, make sure if you are looking for that ever-important THC, you’re buying from a legal dispensary.

Is Sour Diesel CBD oil the same as Sour Diesel THC oil?

Sour Diesel, often affectionately dubbed as Sour D, is a cannabis strain with a long history as one of the mainstays in weed. Sour D is a Sativa-dominant, which is why it is so well known for those energizing effects and popular among medical marijuana patients. Sour Diesel has been around since the 90s and was created by crossing Chemdawg and Super Skunk. Some of the strain’s most noteworthy effects include:

Sour diesel oil is a cannabis extract created by extracting the valuable components from the Sour Diesel strain’s plant matter. The terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids of the beloved strain are still present. Therefore, the oil delivers all those desirable effects and experiences of the strain, such as those enlightening cerebral feelings that can get you in a more energetic, creative mindset.

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