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what is cbd pills

CBD oil should be avoided during pregnancy and breastfeeding. A 2018 study from the American Academy of Pediatrics warned women to avoid marijuana during pregnancy due to the potential risks to a baby’s development. Although it is unclear how CBD contributes, CBD is known to pass through the placental barrier.

As CBD grows in popularity, so does the research on it but there are currently few clinical studies on the effects of CBD oil. As such, some of these claims are better supported by studies than others.

CBD shows promise in the treatment of anxiety disorders, suggests a 2015 review of studies in the journal Neurotherapeutics.   According to the investigators, CBD demonstrated potent anxiolytic (anxiety-relieving) effects in animal research, albeit with counterintuitive results.


In an analysis of 14 published studies (nine involving animals and five involving humans), scientists with the University of Montreal concluded that CBD showed promise in treating people with opioid, cocaine, or psychostimulant addiction.

Potential drug-drug interactions with CBD include:

Cathy Wong is a nutritionist and wellness expert. Her work is regularly featured in media such as First For Women, Woman's World, and Natural Health.

For this study, nine healthy men took either 600 mg of CBD or the same dose of a placebo. According to the researcher, those treated with CBD had lower blood pressure before and after exposure to stressful stimuli (including exercise or extreme cold).

Other common cannabinoids include:

Bottom line: you’re probably not going to feel anything for a while after you pop your first CBD pill. That’s just the way your body works. Be patient and refrain from taking another one so you don’t create a “bad trip”.

What Are CBD Pills?

CBD pills keep those intoxicating effects from becoming too extreme.

And even then, the “overdose” effects might not be all that bad.

When shopping for cannabis products, always opt for the ones made from the highest-quality buds so that the end result doesn’t leave you dissatisfied and downhearted.