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what is dog oil used for

Used Dog Oil many years ago when working with players in players Rugby League!! an older player had put me on to it and swore by it. My 10 year old dog had a problem with her Achilles tendon so I bought some to treat her. Just got to say Its as good now as it was then. Also passed it on to neighbour who’s dog had a shoulder problem great results.

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i had a stroke down my left side a few months ago my left arm was almost useless and aching all the time. I tried several linaments andsauves with little results ,then an old friend told me about DOG OIL after two applications I couldn,t believe the results I can now use my arm and lift it over my head and I am pain free GOD BLESS MASONS DOG OIL I have told all my friends ALL find the same results BRIAN MANNING 83 years young

It is odor free and does the job. It does not dry quickly in the jar. A little hard to start off a new pot, but once surface is dug into you it works well.

We all know that all great discoveries seem to come by chance or accident and the same goes for Dog Oil.

It was then noticed that the people applying it became aware that it had great effective relief to themselves from joint pain (rheumatics) in their hands.

Mason’s Dog Oil was originally for the muscle tone and flexibility of the racing dogs (greyhounds) which was applied both before and after the race.

So I have to agree and say wow – I didn’t know that – DOG OIL is for humans too. Every now and then you tend to come across a product in-store and don’t give it a second glance.

It can also be used on dogs as originally intended as well as horses – great for muscles, tendons and joints.

The following short video offers a perspective on dog massage

Anytime my dog looks uncomfortable in any way, my first instinct is to fix the problem. I don’t want my dog to suffer unnecessarily for any reason. Arthritis and dry skin were the top two reasons I started a twice per week treatment plan of dog massage.

Sometimes even the most commonly used dog massage oils will cause a reaction. Watch for signs of:

Using dog oil for massage is a great idea and a fantastic way to both bond with your pet and provide a safe alternative to prescription drugs. I’m going to share with you my secret for keeping my dogs happy and healthy.

This concoction will last a long time. Use it sparingly, especially until you know how your dog will react.

Dog oil massage can be beneficial to those tender paws. Use oil sparingly and look for any signs of injury to the paw before applying pressure.