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zilis cbd oil price

A recent study by the Mayo Clinic on UltraCell products showed up to 30x more absorption levels vs typical CBD Oil and has an active bioavailability of up to 12 hours.

The full spectrum topical cream goes on soft without making your skin feel greasy.

Why Zilis UltraCell?

Our products are always water based, never oil based, for better absoption!

Zilis is the only major player in the hemp industry to make CBG commercially available. Many experts believe that CBG is the future of the hemp industry as there is 60x more CBG than in Ultracell.

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This zilis ultra cell was m ade just for our Berry lovers. Your order includes one (1oz.) bottle of Zilis Ultra Cell CBD Berry flavor. Zilis Ultra Cell CBD oil is a full spectrum blend oil and other essential nutrients.

This Zilis CBD Oil is made just for our Berry lovers. Your order includes one (1oz.) bottle of UltraCell Berry. UltraCellĀ® is a blend of full spectrum hemp oil and other essential nutrients. (COA available upon request). Zilis Ultra Cell CBD Oil is your perfect formula for better health in 2020! We strongly recommend pairing this product with Zilis CBG and Zilis Ultra Cell Topical formulas for maximum health benefits.

What is Zilis Ultra Cell CBD?

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Typically, Zilis Ultra Cell oil will take a few weeks to fully absorb into your system and begin the process of revitalizing your body and mind. Once Zilis CBD Oil is fully enacted, you will then begin to see the daily benefits. We recommend staying on a tight 30 day refill schedule since our 1oz. Zilis UltraCell CBD oil bottles are based on a 30 day dosing period. We recommend setting up auto-reordering with us so that your next bottle arrives about 3-5 days before you finish your current UltraCell full spectrum oil supply.

There are many benefits to CBD Oil Zilis and the rest of their amazing products. Let’s take a quick look at the benefits of Zilis Ultra Cell CBD Oil.